Subject: Okay, so, questions. (Discussing the Blacklist, BL2 in particular; you have been warned.)
Posted on: 2022-01-10 16:28:34 UTC

Was Dachaefill only told to read the rules? Did anyone attempt to explain the rules? Did Dachaefill ask for an explanation at any point?

Because, frankly, I find BL2 a bit perplexing myself, since I don't understand the reasons for it. Mind you, I don't believe it could possibly be mistaken for a rule about vore (the Blacklist can be reviewed by anyone here, FYI), but I do believe it's possible that someone could innocently start a conversation about Pickle Rick from Rick and Morty and not understand why that would be a problem. Cartoon anthro food is fairly common and not usually subject to restriction. Same with talking about food in general, incidentally, which I've been warned for myself and is not clearly prohibited by BL2.

I see this as an opportunity to review that rule and see if we can improve on it, so I'd appreciate more information about that aspect of the problem.

I'd also like to know what actual behavior is being characterized as "fishing for a fight" and get at least a general idea of the political topics that were problematic. I understand wanting to avoid detail to spare anyone further discomfort, but for those of us who weren't there, emotional and vague descriptions aren't the most useful.

Thanks again for the explanation you DID provide, though. Something is better than nothing. {= )

Oh, and absolutely agreed on your last point, though this is why I want to verify whether explanations were given/asked for. We must allow for the fact that a neurodivergent person might need things explained in a different way than they are currently presented.


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