Subject: re: ch. seven Princesses of Heart
Posted on: 2023-05-01 15:37:42 UTC

Oh, hey, nice to see family attending the school Quidditch matches! I can’t recall if that was allowed in canon, but I don’t remember parents ever attending . . . maybe it just never came up, since the narrative “followed” Harry, and he didn’t have anyone to attend. Then again, he probably would have noticed Molly and Arthur if they showed up, so . . . I’m rambling, but yeah, nice to see family show up for Hogwarts games!

Gosh, Prince still helped attack the Potters in this timeline? I was really starting to think she had been an ally to at least Lily all along . . . well, I’m glad she made the right decision in the end, and spared Harry . . .

Oh. Oh my, yes, I do think Scabbers needs to see a vet, yes. Better get a temperature on him. Shame about rats’ teeth, makes it so difficult to get that from the mouth end . . .

Oh, wow. The Chinese wizarding community certainly had an awful time there . . . poor Liu. I’m glad the PPC version lived in the wrong time period to go through that.

I love how you’re slowly building up the relationship between Harry and Draco, while still keeping them recognizably themselves. At a glance, it looks like they’re still antagonistic towards each other, but they’re definitely getting more comfortable with each other, and more willing to speak honestly when it matters. I do feel like Harry is being a bit too tolerant when Draco calls Ron “Weasel,” and some of his other occasional backsliding into bullying, though. I wouldn’t be able to overlook . . . ah, but then I just thought of real life examples of different friend groups I’m part of gossiping behind the other’s back, so . . . maybe it’s easier than I thought . . . It would still be nice for Draco to respect Harry’s other friends, though!

I think a word is missing from:
Mum, thought Harry desperately, as the ice crept into heart and swallowed him whole.

—doctorlit, cleaning his teeth before a dentist appointment

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