Subject: Twelfth (k)Night is my favourite play ;P
Posted on: 2023-06-07 14:40:31 UTC

(It's actually a tossup between Much Ado and Julius Caesar, but, you know. It is really high on my list, though! Love the Gender Is A Performance vibes.)

Part of the intermingling is because, theoretically, House rivalry comes second to ~wizard pride~, plus Slytherin doesn't really have the evil reputation it has in canon because Salazar Slytherin's kinda a key religious figure in this world. Since he, uh, wrote the Tome of Avalon. But yeah, it does let Slytherin students hang out with other students without the same baggage they've got in canon. And also, I just think writing about people adhering 100% to school cliques is boring :P

Hermione is really just in perpetual girlboss mode, honestly.

Yeah, Peter talking like a creepo misogynist is on purpose, actually :P

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