Subject: re: ch. 8-hour work shift (that somehow lasts 11 hours)
Posted on: 2023-05-03 12:55:20 UTC

Hm. “. . . she hasn’t had any further misadventures since Crooky started sleeping in her quarters . . .” A housecat/kneazle wouldn’t keep Sirius away . . . was it actually Pettigrew in Prince’s chamber that night?

Okay, wow, this chapter brings a lot of sad for me. Remus still trusting Pettigrew over Sirius feels so very yucky. And the abandonment he must have felt all those years, with Sirius in jail, Pettigrew and the Potters all appearing dead . . . I can’t imagine what this past decade has been like for him. BUT NOW he needs to mention that his school friends were unregistered animagi. I get wanting to protect the memories of the (allegedly) dead ones, but the adults are SO CLOSE to stringing the puzzle together we all solve puzzles using string right without needing Harry and friends to fall into danger. Come oooooon, adults, you can do it, just this once! I mean, frankly, Lupin should have informed the Ministry of Sirius’s dog form the second Sirius escaped, but now he should be informing the other people at the table to help them find Sirius, and the second Prince hears that Pettigrew had a rat form, she would be like, “Oh, how weird, the Weasley family’s extremely long-lived rat, which is missing a finger from a forelimb, blew up my cauldron earlier this year, and my cauldrons have stopped blowing up since my cat moved back in . . . HHHHMMMMMM.” Oh, well. I guess it wouldn’t be a Harry Potter story if the adults could figure things out on their own . . .

Pettigrew. Pettigrew? Peter Pettigrew? Killed? James? Pettigrew aimed his own damn wand at James in this timeline? Okay. Okay, Lily, I’m going to need to borrow your version of Pettigrew real quick. Just for the day! I need to punch him. I need to call in sick to work and spend the day punching him. Eight hours of punching. Hell, maybe it will even turn into one of those eleven-hour work days, if you know what I mean.

—doctorlit would think Aberforth would appreciate a goat-themed present, but maybe the twins did something weird to it

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