Subject: re: ch. 13 can never be unlucky, when Lily is the author!
Posted on: 2023-06-12 19:17:51 UTC

I love, love, love, that whole opening scene! I love the mention of non-European teams at the World Cup, I love Cedric trying to make things up to Colin, I love Colin worrying about his brother not having a way to quickly get acquainted with Wizarding World structures without taking an entire semester in Customs and Etiquette, I love Harry being confronted with the drawback to getting the New Blood program closed down (of course the solution isn’t “better indoctrination,” but “have fewer strictures), I love Liu obliterating the assumptions the British kids have about hair and gender, I love how much Liu and Jenni love each other, I love their shared speech about honoring oneself in addition to one’s family . . . It’s all just great!

I do not love seeing Hermione self-destructing over her studies. : ( GET SOME SLEEP GIRL And this definitely isn’t projection, because I definitely wasn’t accused of work addiction just yesterday by a coworker, while I definitely wasn’t visiting work on an off day. This is ALL about Hermione.

Oh, and we’re finally at the best part of any Harry Potter novel: the sports are done for the year! Yaaaaaaaaaay!

—doctorlit really thinks that Runes class is super-fun . . .

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