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Posted on: 2023-05-22 00:39:23 UTC

No worries on having to read it in pieces. You gotta do what you gotta do.

In the books, Godric's Hollow is the name for the village and the Potters simply had a cottage there, but ofc in this verse the Potters' status as a Most Ancient House is reflected in their ancestral home. I was inspired by Kentwell Hall for the general look and... Gryffindor vibe. And also because the film location for Godric's Hollow was the Guildhall in Lavenham, which is nearby.

Dobby is having the time of his life!

I think Harry was doing a sort of "plausible deniability" thing. Since he wasn't the one who made the Hollow visible to Muggles, he could just invite them over and see what they make of the weirdness--which in Gary and Rose's case, was a lot of "oh, special effects!" rather than "oh, magic is real". I imagine the "secret context" is basically saying "as long as I don't specifically say 'magic is real and I'm a wizard', the Ministry won't come after me because I could also literally just be discussing Muggle fantasy books like The Hobbit". It's a bit rules-lawyering!

And also, I don't think the Ministry put a Taboo on wizards talking about magic--they only seem to show up if you do magic in front of a Muggle, or if a Muggle got sent to the hospital because of magic. Though the latter sort of Muggle-baiting seems to be regarded as largely a joke in the books, because only Arthur Weasley seems to take it seriously at all. I imagine in Purityworld, where Muggles are more or less considered subhuman by the people in power, Muggle-baiting is only illegal in writing, but rarely ever prosecuted. Harry thought if he could keep Gary and Rose out of the really dangerous stuff, then they could have a laugh at the talking mirrors and what not and maybe Gary and Rose would think, oh, maybe the secret context is 'magic' all on their own without Harry mentioning it outright. That... did not go as planned.

I'm sure it comes in handy if you're referencing a book for an essay and need to flip back and forth! More eco-friendly than multiple post-its, for sure.

The Fawleys are in Cantankerous Nott's "Sacred 28" list, which forms the basis of the Most Ancient Houses. They're largely considered a "good Pureblood family" in fanon.

Draco is literally wearing leather pants though ;) Buckskin breeches are skin-tight as well!

Regulus had always been committed to social expectations in the books, given that he was the favourite between him and Sirius. But it's clear he also feels compassion and loyalty towards characters that don't share the same social strata as him, as we see with him and Kreacher, so it makes sense that once disillusioned from the Death Eaters/Knights of Camelot, he would seek to associate with people similarly at odds with Voldemort/Gaunt's ideology in order to deradicalise himself. So yeah, that makes him a perfect role model for Draco!

And, to be fair, the comments he makes about gentlemen not flaunting their wealth is... sort of common sense with the truly wealthy/old money folks. The nouveau riche flaunt their wealth; old money maintain things to be passed down to descendants. And you dress according to what the host sets, so if Lily specifically wanted a casual Christmas, then it would be gauche to wear dress robes. Draco is operating off of what he knows, which is that you wear dress robes to evening social events, and therefore ends up a bit of an odd duck!

The orangery is most definitely warm, since oranges need that sort of temperature to grow, so the peacocks will be fine. :D

They chased Scabbers into the east wing, where Charlus' wards did a lot of the rest of the work. I imagine a lot of the standard horror movie haunted house tropes came into play to get Gary and Rose into the dungeons. It is a magical house...

Thank you for reading!

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