Subject: Overworked and underpaid!
Posted on: 2023-05-03 21:52:51 UTC

was it actually Pettigrew in Prince’s chamber that night? You'll just have to wait and see :3c

Remus still trusting Pettigrew over Sirius feels so very yucky. Sirius was a known radical protestor, and Peter was also their friend. Idk, I don't like it when the Marauders distrust Peter before his betrayal is proven--too many fics make it out to be like the other 3 keep picking on Peter because they ~sense him being untrustworthy~, to the point that I wouldn't blame Peter for trying to get them all killed. We know more than Remus does, so it makes sense that Remus would believe that Sirius was guilty/that Severina killed James.

I mean, frankly, Lupin should have informed the Ministry of Sirius’s dog form the second Sirius escaped Being an unregistered Animagus also carries an Azkaban sentence. So, like, unless Remus wants to go down as big snitch number two, I doubt he'd do that.

now he should be informing the other people at the table to help them find Sirius I think there's a lot of the adults assuming other adults already knew xyz thing going on? Basically Remus thinks both Lily and Regulus know about the Animagus thing (I mean, they are family of Sirius and James, after all), and he believes Sirius blew up the Atrium and Severina killed James. Regulus and Lily both believe Peter blew up the Atriurm and killed James. Severina believes Sirius blew up the Atrium and knows Peter killed James. They're all assuming they're all on the same page about things. Whether or not that's true is debatable :'D

(Granted, I think Lily and Regulus have their suspicions about Sirius being a dog, but they don't want to voice it in case they're wrong--hence Regulus looking at "The Grim" last chapter)

I need to call in sick to work and spend the day punching him. Eight hours of punching. Hell, maybe it will even turn into one of those eleven-hour work days, if you know what I mean. Haha, punch away!

Thanks for reading!

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