Subject: That's generally the rule for all the x9s!
Posted on: 2023-05-08 02:42:15 UTC

Yeah, Bellatrix is still........deeply unwell. Apologies to the French for inflicting her on them instead of the Dementors :P

That was all 100% bonafide intentional. Gaunt's blowing all the dogwhistles in his arsenal! He's here to Make Avalon Great Again! Merlin and Morgana, what do you mean he's cribbing the 14 words and acting fashy? Don't the wizards deserve to have their own community free from those filthy Mudbloods and their degenerate Muggle culture? :/// You're being sucked in by Dumbledore's liberal agenda! You can't just call pureblood supremacists for what they are! So much for the tolerant-- ack, I can't :'D

Ah, yes, Rita Skeeter, who once wrote one (1) decently progressive thing that fuelled a movement for progressive change but couldn't recapture the attention and accolades for that one (1) thing and is now chasing clout by replatforming a wizard fascist. Gosh. I wonder who that's alluding to. :))))

Yes, of course the solution to slutty hairstyles like ponytails is to force women to tie their hair up even more rigidly and enforce sleek hairstyles on everyone regardless of their actual hair texture. That's the only way to avoid inflaming the lusts of proper, Pureblood gentlem-- hahahahaha I can't.

The Knight Bus honestly only had one glorious moment in the 3rd book and then it's just... casually never there when Harry and friends need it later. What a shame. It seems so convenient (and dangerously fun)!

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