Subject: Seven little horcruxes...
Posted on: 2023-05-01 19:21:37 UTC

The films, at least, showed Lucius Malfoy at the match, so I thought it was only fair to let Lily go to a match or two as well. Lily was at the Gryffindor-Slytherin match last year, too, remember? She yelled at Lockhart for de-boning Harry.

(Really, I just think the students' families should have a little more involvement in things, which includes things like attending Quidditch matches!)

I've actually plotted out Sev's radicalisation and deradicalisation. Idk how much will end up on the page, but I know why she went full darkside and how she got out. So... yeah!

Actually, the PPC version also suffered an extinguishing of his cultivation sect. It's how he got to HQ, too--the "portal array" that sent him to HQ was meant to evacuate him. Something something there's a backstory interlude that I haven't finished yet...

Yeah, Draco's still a little shit and hasn't quite warmed up to respecting Ron just yet (lots of bad blood between their families, his snotty classism, etc). He will kick the "calling Ron Weasel" habit! But not this year :P I think Harry's doing what he does with Aunt Sev and just ignoring the insults to try and focus on other things, but the "why doesn't Draco accept Ron" thing will come up eventually, promise.

Gotcha! Thank you for catching that. And thanks for reading!

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