Subject: re: ch. 12 Apostles (or I guess knights of Camelot, in the current metaphor?)
Posted on: 2023-06-05 16:49:27 UTC

I know I’ve mentioned this before on other chapters, but I still love how much more willing you are to let characters interact than Rowling was. Seeing Pansy attend Lupin’s Dementor class with Harry, and Luna and Draco just hanging out making snowmen together (which leads into them being part of a big plot discovery!) goes so far to making it feel less like Harry is the only character who matters, even as the focal character. And it makes Hogwarts’s student body feel much more alive, as well; yeah, there are cliques, but no kid observes that kind of social more 100% of their life. (Further reinforcing why the school houses would be super unhealthy for growing kids’ psychology . . .)

Man, Hermione is such a boss. Like, I know the time turner situation is way unhealthy in the long term, but I have to respect the “okay, Harry, I’ll take a nap,” and then waking up and immediately rewinding time to participate in the group work project anyway. Like, instruction fulfilled, but now we’re back to work . . . (Ever since I finished the original Prisoner, I’ve been trying not to think about the extra hours Hermione is aging compared to the rest of the student body, but now I’m going to look it up. Let’s see, third-year students take nine classes normally, and there are four class periods in a day . . . does that even work? Seems like all nine classes couldn’t get enough hours that way. Astronomy is only held after hours on Wednesdays, but that still leaves eight classes. Do they each only meet five times every two weeks? Anyway, putting that aside, if Hermione is using the time turner for every non-Astronomy class period, she’s doing eight classes a day, and therefore aging an additional four hours a day, 20 hours a week. That’s nearly a day per week! Assuming Hogwarts has 39 school weeks, like Muggle/real UK schools do, that’s 780 hours a week! Hermione aged 32.5 additional days this school year, not including any additional uses of the turner for naps or, you know, possible hippogriff rescues! And if she had continued that through to her seventh year, 162.5 days from the end of her natural lifespan would have been sunk into taking extra classes. Why would any version of the Ministry allow teenagers to make this choice?!)

Oh, my gosh. The local Jenni just can’t keep her mind off the local “Snape,” can she? (Or is Severina the local Supernumerary, rather?) Either way, “Some things truly never change” indeed!

Ooooof, I know it’s lame to dunk on Peter when he was still a teenager, but “ . . . would like to remind her that she would be a lot prettier if she smiled.” Nah, Peter. That’s not cool, Peter. We don’t say that to people, Peter. No.

—doctorlit looks a lot weirder when he fake-smiles

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