Subject: Eleven minutes in... oh, wait.
Posted on: 2023-06-07 14:27:55 UTC

I suppose there's a wry observation about kids being forced to grow up fast in these sorts of climates re: Neville levelling up fast...

Yeah, it did make me happy and sad at the same time to write about this Harry having so many more happy memories, because canon Harry specifically mentioned having trouble finding a happy memory at all.

This is DRUGS. They are DRUGGING THSES CHILDREN in a way that manipulates their emotions when they get older! Forces them to pair up, and want to reproduce! I hate this! I am so angry now! How many poor ace/aro folks got forced into unwanted bonds when they grew up?!? Aaaaaargh!

So, not-so-funny-story, I just finished watching the new documentary about the Duggars on Amazon Prime, and, I'm just gonna quote one of the ex-IBLP folks in there: "In this culture, you are not really allowed to say no to who shows up and says they want you. If a man says he wants you, then he's God's man for you, and you have to learn how to adjust your feelings and thoughts around that."

Very Maiden's Kiss vibes, I'm afraid! Coupled with how the Duggars themselves were all about ~saving the first kiss for marriage~... really, I'm not writing about anything that hasn't already been done out there to real people.

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