Subject: PPC+20: "Suedom Chapter 1: Enter the Dragons
Posted on: 2022-11-10 14:35:55 UTC

The prologue last time may have given a false impression of Suedom as a story of short, snappy chapters. NOPE! The actual Chapter 1 comes in at 10K words, and I don't think they're getting shorter, folks...

Suedom Chapter 1: Enter the Dragons by Andy & Saphie

I need to come up with some sensible way to archive this story; 30-odd disparate GDocs isn't a great approach. But given that it was a) consciously abandoned by b) people wot still exist, I'm loath to put it up on AO3 or anything. I think the best option is probably to add the Suedom homepage to my archive of Miss Cam's site, so it can be read in (roughly) its original form. I'll do that. ^_^

EDIT: And lo, I hath did it. Both chapters of Suedom are now hosted on my cargo-cult What's that you say? More chapters? Nonsense - it's November 2002, this is all there is. :D


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