Subject: 🤙
Posted on: 2022-11-15 23:48:18 UTC

Huinesoron! I'm pretty great, how are you? That sounds like a big archival project, kudos to you to take all that work on.

I confess, when Saphie told me people were rereading Suedom on the board I thought "that'll be hard, it's an incoherent mess." I say "incoherent mess" with all the love in my heart, but let's be real. We had never heard of pace and we weren't going to learn soon. I promise we've written better things since then.

But I'm probably gonna reread too now that it's in front of me. I read half this chapter over lunch and got really nostalgic about all the things we'd set up that we never quite made it too. Our pacing really was an issue. We shouldn't have been what, like 30 chapters in and only just starting to get into some of the parts I was most excited to get to.

It's got a real special place in my heart, though. It's such a time capsule of a special experience I had writing my first long story with my (still) best friend and I am always tickled when anybody who doesn't experience it from that angle gets anything from it at all.

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