Subject: For once I found time to read the +20.
Posted on: 2022-11-16 19:50:13 UTC

So! This chapter is NOT what I remembered it to be. Does that mean I read a pre-revision version (per Andy's comments)? Probably not; I'm pretty sure I only ever saw it on Miss Cam's site, so I've probably just forgotten the details in the past, uh, 18 years or so. :D I do remember the arrow, though.

It's interesting to contrast Kate and Kira against Mary Sue and Sue Mary from "The Broken Plot Continuum" a few months back. Mary and Sue deliberately entered Middle-earth knowing the PPC were gone, and mucked everything up themselves. K&K got there by accident, found the PPC, and at least believe that someone else is mucking things up. The stories are almost mirror images of each other at this point.

Speaking of contrasts... Rincewind and Odorf couldn't be more different, could they? It seems clear that Odorf was created for Kate, but Rincewind already existed in some way (at least, the version after reaching Middle-earth did). I am intrigued.

And to top off a completely backwards post: the pre-ME section adds significant emotional weight to the whole story. I don't recall it explicitly coming up much, but both of these people have folks they want to go home to. (Another related story: Bast's "Taken Far Too Literally", which pushed that same button.)


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