Subject: re: 31 Ways to Kill a Mary Sue + 20
Posted on: 2022-11-18 14:43:51 UTC

(so is that 51 ways haha i'm going to keep making this joke whenever there's a number in the title haha)

This is one I avoided ever reading, because the title makes it sound like another example of gratuitous hostility from our earlier days. So I opened it today not expecting much, but uh . . . it's good? The opening confused me, because it made it seem like HQ was a building with an "outside," but further reading shows that the girl is a student from OFUM, which explains how she got covered in dirt and plants before reaching HQ. Oh, and uh, OFUM's library sounds nice. I support her expression of lust object! >_> But as for the gratuitous hostility, I was pleased to find that the actual list is more "here are some interesting details and references about Tolkien's canon" rather than "punch stab main haha die!" So yeah, it's a fun little piece. The censor/sensor joke is great. (Would a censor be a member of Legal? Legal did force WTF to change their name, after all!) Saying the Flowers are "prone to hysteria" might feel a little weird, but at the same time, I can kind of see it; their mental communication has the potential to form a feedback loop, perhaps? Plus, I might characterize the Civil War on Origin as feeling a little hysterical, to my reading, and the Mysterious Somebody manipulated HQ into a panic to justify his presence as a source of order. A lot of that latter may have been triggering panic in the Flowers?

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