Subject: I can try!
Posted on: 2022-11-16 19:21:08 UTC

Thank you for asking! You all have such eyes for detail! If I'm ever wrong about anything that can be proven with timestamps, it's because: I have ADHD and it was 20 years ago. My memory is not what I wish it was. Some of my answers are likely to be "lol i forget" but I'll do my best.

We first uploaded to, got kicked off for being interfic, reuploaded, and did a few updates before sending to Miss Cam for hosting. In that time I'd become a community theater kid so that's where the Avenue Q references came into play.

The first 3 or 4 chapters that we initially posted to were, iirc, pretty different from what made it to Miss Cam's site. I think the stuff with the bridge and the prologue didn't get written in the original upload. That was added in after we had about 3 chapters of material and Saphie, who is a plot savant, went "but what if there was more going on actually" and came up with all the foreshadowing.

What you have to understand about the whole 1st and 2nd chapters, not counting the prologue, is that they came from an AIM rp that Saphie and I banged out for fun, starting literally with the "i want a dragon too" scene. We had zero plan. We were just two creative writing nerds who had never met someone else who could pick up the ball and run with it, "Yes And"-ing our way into a story (and a best friendship). The planning came after we realized we could be having even more fun if the story were going somewhere dramatic.

Suedom got a few updates over time as it got reposted in places. For a little while there about 8 years ago I was pushing to revisit it, and I think there's a significantly edited version of a handful of chapters on a lotr fic hosting site somewhere. We both agreed that our energy was better focused on our original work so we didn't get far in, and we no longer have access to the email account we used to put the fic up, but I'll see if I can find it.

EDIT: the briefest of investigations indicates it was on and that is no longer operating? So I guess the Latest Edit is also gone into the void, unless I backed it up on a hard drive somewhere. Archiving really is a full time job.

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