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Posted on: 2022-11-19 12:51:18 UTC

It's a shame Cam didn't write more PPC fic; this is a little heavy on the "ew Sues dirty" rhetoric, but overall, I enjoyed it quite a bit. The agents start out a little short with each other, but they adjust into a cohesive teamwork mentality once the mission gets rolling. Plus, a gorilla is there! It . . . probably shouldn't be there, because of the whole "no pets or minis" on missions" thing, but I enjoyed King Kong Comma all the same. Actually, considering how genetically similar gorillas are to humans, I wonder if the Bonsai Monkey Puzzle Tree mistook KKC's mental activity for being similar enough to a humanoid's that it doesn't realize he isn't an agent? (Not that the BMPT existed when this was written, but you know what I mean. Flower senses go brrrrr.) I am, however, a little wigged out by that diet, man. Bacon and waffles? I know KKC is technically a manifest typo, like a mini, but he's gorilla enough to to make it feel weird for me to see him eat anything other than vegetation . . . Oh, another good moment for me is the opening, when Miss Cam hand delivered her sister a partner. Miss Cam is this imposing, powerful figure in the Canon Protection Initiative, but here she is hand-selecting a competent student to make sure her sister has a decent partner, and bringing her in person. It's really sweet and humanizing!

Hm. Grammar glasses? Must be a device from OFUM, since PPC agents can normally see the Words on their own. Interesting that this seems to imply agents had to be specially trained to do so, and a far cry from the modern version of telling a new agent to unfocus their eyes and there, training done! That special neuralyzer is interesting as well, since it didn't affect the PPC characters, despite their lack of eyewear. They must be exceedingly difficult to produce, considering they haven't caught on in twenty years! Maybe they can only be coded for a specific canon, which doesn't lend itself well to most agents' workloads. I really, really like interpreting point-of-view shifts as physical relocations being forced on the agents. It's a more elegant interpretation than the little critters we've invented in the modern day, and I will likely be stealing it for my spin-off once I. You know. Have time to write again.

Names! I totally didn't get the "Agent Orange" joke until it was explicitly spelled out during the charging scene. Embarrassing! It's clever, and it also means their surnames make a pair as a manmade chemical poison, and a naturally occurring biological venom. (Taipans are venomous snakes.) The soda-constructed names are also hilarious, very PPC vibe on-the-spot constructions. But most hilarious name here goes to the badfic author for naming a background elf "Pergolas," and then abbreviating that to "Perry" as a nickname. "It is I, Perry, of Middle-earth."

—doctorlit sees the Boarders of two decades past did not want him to have much free time this week!

James Earl Jones removed his headset slowly, a frown creasing his brow. "This was . . . a very strange recording session."

Sir David Attenborough removed his as well. "Yes . . ." he said slowly. "Did they really hire you just to make door knocking sound effects?"

"So it seems." Jones shrugged. "A paycheck is a paycheck, I suppose. At one point, it seemed as though you were supposed to have a line, but you didn't."

"I caught that as well," said Attenborough. "Perhaps they forgot to send me the line?"

Jones sighed. "George still hasn't gotten back to me about whether he needs any voice work for the last film of the prequel trilogy."

"That's a shame. On my end, nature hasn't run out of nature for me to narrate!"

Jones chuckled. "Well, shall we go for some Cool Voice Smoothies at the Cool Voice Smoothie Shack?"

"As always, dear friend, as always."

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