Subject: Oh yes
Posted on: 2022-11-14 06:21:39 UTC

This is Suedom at its lightest. It gets... very dark. And the OOCness... I think partly is them kind of distorting the PPC to fit the story, but it could also very much be that a lot of things weren't settled quite yet. This is very early PPC, recall.

Regarding Suedom as a critique of the PPC... I know that's been said, but I don't know if that makes sense. Suedom starts in 2002. The PPC barely exists, and the Original Constitution, written in large part by Saphie, hasn't even been written yet (at least, I assume The Board would have a link to the Constitution at this point if it did, and hS's early snapshot of the board from a month after this doesn't, yet).

Suedom was inverting the sue-hunting Thing, and I can totally believe that there was a message, or writing it came out of or evolved into a dissatisfaction or discomfort with the way the PPC works, but the kind of idea of "we were there in their midst criticizing them and they didn't even know it" (which was the implication that post gave off when I read it) just... you can't really be a subversive infiltrator of a community which you yourself are currently instrumental in the process of constructing.

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