Subject: Interesting!
Posted on: 2022-11-17 10:10:47 UTC

Confession... I considered asking you if you remembered anything, but residual memories of you being one of The Oldbies spooked me. ^_^; (We recently celebrated the Board's 20th anniversary, and you got namedropped.) Thank you Linstar for doing what I couldn't. And thank you Andy for helping out! It's really interesting to hear how it all came to be.

Anyway: interesting! I'm actually pleased that the anachronistic Avenue Q is a later addition - it means my timeline isn't wildly wrong, though it also means that there's an "Original Suedom" which is completely lost. (It might actually not be, but I've never managed to find the FFn story ID, so I can't find out if it was archived.)

For the later version, is on the Wayback Machine; it's our source for the later Suedom chapters, down to Gondor. It looks like that's actually the version I archived from, and... yes, the version we're all talking about is significantly different from the version. Cool! That might explain why I didn't really recognise it. I'll have to archive the old version too, for posterity.

... oh my gosh you had a Geocities, and the whole thing is archived. This is amaaaaazing. XD

EDIT: The 'Misssandman Enter the Dragons' is now archived as well. There is no escape. And it does line up better with my memories, so I'm pleased to understand what was going on there.


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