Subject: PPC+20: "31 Ways to Kill a Mary Sue", "SSU: Whatever Happens" & "DAVD: Killer in the Dark"
Posted on: 2022-11-17 13:52:58 UTC

It's a busy day today! Actually it's a busy day yesterday, since two of the three stories here were announced by Miss Cam on November 16th, 2002. The third was created today though, so I've merged them together.

31 Ways to Kill a Mary Sue, by Shauna

A slightly odd story - well, the story is mostly an excuse to provide the list at the end - which is notable for introducing the Security Dandelions. When Vemi and I created the Weeds for The Reorganisation, this was what we were working from.

PPC: Special Sue Unit, Case: Whatever Happens, by Miss Cam

We've actually talked about the SSU recently, and I wondered whether Skuld and Cass are reworked versions of Dead and Heal (from Miss Cam's cowrite with Jay). Sadly, like a lot of early Big Names, Miss Cam never wrote very much in the PPC - this is the only Skuld & Cass mission.

The DAVD Files: Killer in the Dark, by Katharine the Great

The second half of the DAVD files, chopping off heads and introducing Fizz R the Bizarre ("it's not a nickname!"). It also has what might be the first piece of Multiverse Theory ever written:

"Think of it like this, Dour: a kind of 'nexus' formed at whatever point in which you interrupted the fic's flow. In order to dissolve the fic's universe and restore the canon—as we of the PPC are supposed to do—you not only have to mend or remove the source of the discrepancies, but you also have to repair any damage done within that nexus. After that, the fic's reality will break up, and the canon will snap back into line. Does that make any sense?"

I guess this is the ultimate origin of the "entanglement" concept I tend to use in my theoretical writings, though I can't prove it.


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