Subject: Oof, there's a question I didn't want to ask.
Posted on: 2022-11-16 16:31:27 UTC

The dating for Suedom is... not great. We have a firm date which it can't have started before: 16 October 2002, when Andy and Saphie created a joint FFn profile. And we have a firm date which chapter 13 can't have been written after: 9 May 2003, when it was posted on Miss Cam's site (check the source). The next chapter after that date was published more than a month later, so it seems reasonable to guess that the chapters were spaced out... and there's no evidence of non-Suedom material on the FFn profile, so it seems reasonable to guess that the profile was started to post the story.

But I don't really know. Avenue Q launched in March '03, and it seems unlikely that 13 chapters could have been written in two months... but the evidence is lacking. :(


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