Subject: Calling all PPC fans!!!
Posted on: 2010-07-13 10:10:00 UTC

It's come to our attention that our poor little website has been sadly neglected by all our old friends from the Internet Culture section. No-one wants that, so we've come to invite you back!

Of course, we hope you want to come back to us, but in case you need a hand making up your mind, we're holding a very special event!

For the next seven days - that's one single week - we will be giving every Fanfic Land member who posts a story or chapter in our Protectors of the Plot Continuum section an exclusive, personalised banner on their user-page. Of course, we welcome stories for other sections too!!

So whether you're an old hand at Fanfic Land, or you've never written with us before, get your thinking caps on... and get writing!

[[Yes, for the fifth year running, Fanfic Land is opening its doors for the PPC Badfic Contest. This is the time to indulge your inner badficcer, troll or parodist. Do you secretly 'ship Marquis de Sod/Acacia? Write it! Do you think Architeuthis would be a lot cooler if she were an Elven Jedi? Write it! Do you wonder what would happen if Eragon and Bella Swan were partners in the PPC? Write it!

Unfortunately for my sense of style, I do need to discuss some practical matters. Fanfic Land is a non-interactive website - I'll be putting everything from the Contest up on it afterwards, but the actual game needs to be played entirely in this thread. Sorry.

Next up, so that I can actually put them onto FfL, every story needs to have the following:

-A title
-A story summary
-A category (probably 'PPC', but you can write for anything)
-A rating (G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17, after the old system)
-One or two genres (which can include 'general', and are one word each)
-A title for every chapter (this is optional; if you don't want your chapters titled, you can leave this out)

Of course, you don't want to use your usual, boring, Canon-loving screenname, so come up with a new one! You can review other stories with it (by commenting on the chapter you're reviewing), and even set up an account by posting here with an author bio. You'll need an account to write any stories, so if you post a chapter, give me a bio at the same time, please.

Remember - nothing on FfL is real. We've had people write hatefic in previous years - we've had flamers - we've had some truly awful badfic - but it's all just a game. So enjoy yourselves!

A few closing notes:

-You can take part in the game whoever you are. You don't have to have Permission or anything.
-You can write about anyone in the PPC (with the usual exception of Stormsong and Skyfire). That means you can use anyone's agents, any Flowers, anyone or -thing. Canon doesn't matter.
-If you're a returning player and want to change your bio from last year, feel free! Just stick the new one up here and I'll switch it.
-Have fun!


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