Subject: Darkheart & Lightheart: Chappie 1!
Posted on: 2016-09-20 16:28:00 UTC

A/N: kk so i no i SED i was gonig to rite TEH DAUTER OF JAYACACA THONBIRD, but i dont' wat to so iI wote tihs insatd. enjo!!1

Jaycacia Thornbyrd leant against her husband, sketching a picture of them (A/N soo she has psychick powars wihch let her sea tehm like its form the oustide). "Do you remember when we all got pregnant and then Lux said the babies were all us?" she asked.

Yes, I do, my beloved, the Sunflower Official said, turning so she could sketch his face better (A/N NO he ash't got a fase but YU KNOWAT I MEN). It was so lucky that Medical was able to take all the babies out and have them be born and grow up in the past. And wasn't it strange that your baby turned out to be HQ?

Jaycacia giggled. "That was pretty strange, but also makes sense, because PPC HQ was my other parent, you know."

"But I'm your real parent, right?" Jay simpered, looking up from their bed. (A/N i ddin't manag to wirte it in but jAy is nacked in tihs seen oky?!!)

Jaycacia giggled. "You are the best kind of parent, my love," she said. "The kind who isn't related to me and so we can have sex!"

"Yay!" Jay bounced up and down in the bed. "Do you mean right now?"

"I wish we could," Jaycacia said, getting out of the bed, "but I sense a darkness growing in the heart of HQ. I have to go and solve it - for the sake of the PPC!"

And she swept out of the room, pausing only to grab a silk robe from the back of a chair. (A/N o yea and Jaycasia was nakee too. u no how ppl used to rite sotries with toppless elfs in??? its' like taht)

The Sunflower Official and Jay stared after their love. It's amazing how dedicated she is to the PPC, the SO said.

"If it weren't for her, the PPC would have been destroyed about a million times," Jay agreed. "We are so lucky to have her."

We are, the SO agreed. We are all so very lucky to have her.


"... normally around this point you say something."

Jay Thorntree looked up from her book. "Hm?"

Acacia Byrd gestured at the bustling Roman marketplace around them. "You come to my city. You track me down. You act surprised to see me. And then you say it."

"Do I?" Jay considered this. "I might just feel like coming to see you."

"Jay." Acacia pulled a tray of necklaces off the top of her handcart and tugged the cover over what remained. "Just admit it. She's back."

"Ah!" Jay beamed at her friend and held out a sheet of paper. "How did you know?"

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