Subject: I think there's some crossed wires here.
Posted on: 2024-05-13 08:28:22 UTC

The fortepiano, or pianoforte, is an earlier form of the modern piano, which simply shortened the "pianoforte" term of its predecessor. For the purposes of this AU, wizards use the older term (you see Ron and Draco's POV both using the term, plus Ginny saying it in dialogue), while Muggle-raised Harry and Hermione call it a piano.

ETA as a general note that there's just a lot of different lexical differences between mages and muggles, like pianoforte/piano, pall-mall/croquet, fridgerator/refrigerator, etc. Some of the misspellings in canon like fellytone and elecktic are also treated like a wizarding dialect rather than ignorance since I'm using a descriptivist approach to language differences rather than a prescriptivist one.

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