Subject: re: Hermione's side
Posted on: 2024-06-10 03:05:54 UTC

I mean, yeah, I didn't really talk about the fact that Hermione has absolutely hurt her friends and some other classmates, and is very much overlooking their immediate feelings in favor of the bigger picture, but I'm also a big picture, long time scale kind of guy. I spend more mental energy on hoping for a healthier planet and more supportive human civilizations 200 years down the line than I do my own personal finances and whatnot. And, of course, I'm not really in a position to thwart any teen romances or get anyone shunned from society based on their family tree, so those elements of what Hermione is dealing with right now are rather outside my frame of reference to feel sympathy for. (Also, I have the reader's privilege of assuming you don't have an endgame of "the four break up forever and never speak again" in mind, so that element of Hermione's mistake feels lower stakes as a result.) tldr I recognize that Hermione has done a lot of bad today, but her goals are understandable and I applaud her for what she was intending!

No Jacques for a whole year? : (

—doctorlit never shuns people for their family trees, only for their literal trees

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