Subject: I'm amused that you find the romance distracting,
Posted on: 2024-06-15 02:22:40 UTC

because it seems like all the AO3 readers had something to say about this chapter! Really shows the difference in priorities :')

Doc: Yawn teenage drama can we get back to toppling wizard fascism yet

Fair warning, year 6 is going to get more romance drama... but that was kinda half the plot of Half-Blood Prince anyway, so...

I'm glad you noted that this was exactly the core of Harry--to "do the right thing" even if it sucks a**. His hand was being forced in a lot of ways, but he still made the decision to try and save/help people at the cost of his own comfort...

Yes I'm glad you caught the Guinevere thing! It was also ridiculous to me how Mordred toppled Camelot just by causing a rift in Arthur and Lancelot via Guinevere... honestly I prefer the modern Arthuriana take where Guinevere/Arthur/Lancelot are in an ot3! (I mean, if Jacques/Jenni/Ryan in here is of any indication... ;) ) But yeah that's the historical storyline, and it felt like a good substitution for the Biblical Jezebel/Delilah!

I'm glad you liked the Occlumency class! Wanted to do a bit of contrast with Severina/Snape's "fire spells and see if they stick".

It's mostly wrong in that Westerners take two syllables to pronounce it but it should be done in one go. It's also why unlocking my Chinese name requires skill in Mandarin because I get the big ick whenever I hear it mispronounced! ~childhood trauma~

Yes, you got Dean/Seamus and Neville + Creeveys and the Harry/Draco/Qiu triangle. The other two are definitely more obscure and required a closer following of the romantic subplots being tossed around the background characters, but the golden bangle couple is Anthony Goldstein/Parvati Patil (Parvati being the name of the Hindu goddess of love, after all, and Indian women getting golden bangles as engagement presents... in an earlier issue she gave Anthony a golden peacock quill, which is also well-represented in Jewish folk songs) and the gemstone mine situation is... well, the gemstones are a red herring, a bit, but there was background drama about Oliver Rivers refusing Megan Jones because of her mother being a Gaunt supporter. That is a reference to Puffs, a parody play of HP from the POV of the Hufflepuffs, where Oliver Rivers and Megan Jones end up together and Megan Jones' mum is a wannabe Death Eater. You know me, I love easter eggs :P

Thanks for reading!

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