Subject: re: 5.18 Hermione Granger and the Entirely Justified Amount of Self-Righteous Rebellion That Will Le
Posted on: 2024-05-27 23:47:49 UTC

ad to an Acceptable and Fine Amount of Consequences

Okay, I know ultimately Hermione is the one who chose to publicly reveal the situations with Regulus, but boy, did the adults in the Order not do themselves any favors, giving her the Office Space treatment. (“The Office Space treatment” is my nickname for when multiple authority figures all come down on someone to repeat the same criticism about a single mistake the someone made, based on the scene in Office Space where three supervisors lecture their employee for a harmless paperwork error in quick succession, where once would have sufficed.) They all know how strong-willed and defiant Hermione is; they should have known ragging on her about her potential decision was going to set her mind more strongly, and maybe make her do it sooner, too. Grown-ups just don’t understand! And I’m right there with Hermione, being a young person wanting to fix problems, and it feels like all the adults in the campaign are focusing everywhere except on the actual problems! It makes it all the easier for me to sympathize with her, and understand her decision . . . and all the more horrified at the absolute pile of train wrecks she’s inflicted onto her society as a result! With Gaunt influencing the Dementors to “strike” to bust his Knights out of Azkaban, and to provide a pretense for Thicknesse dropping out (under the Imperius again?), this is easily going to shift the polling data in a way Hermione didn’t foresee, at the worst possible time for Regulus to see a decline in support. Additionally, she’s completely demolished the ties between her own friend group, and outed herself to Umbridge, and potentially sent Umbridge on the trail of other students who haven’t actually done anything involved with the gossip pamphlets. Still, I stand by her anger and her desire to improve the world; they are good, and justified! Plus, the silver lining here is that it looks like the Order’s main focus is discovering the cause of all the missing Muggles at Silveryholt, which likely hasn’t been affected by Hermione at all; if anything, her interference in the political aims of Regulus is going to serve as a distraction for Gaunt to pay less attention to Silveryholt. I don’t know if the Slytherin basilisk is public knowledge in this timeline, but I hope the Order can discover it (safely) either way, and make Gaunt face consequences for, you know. Feeding people to it!

Okay, I can’t put this off any longer: I was right the first time about Hermione being Polixenes?! I should have stuck to my guns! I forget now whatever it was that made me dismiss Hermione, but I remember being so sure it couldn’t be her any more . . . whatever act she put up, it was convincing! Man, blast it, I was so close and then veered off . . . I really convinced myself Fred and George were spending their off time doing extra writing work? What is wrong with me!?

Oh, I really enjoyed the scene where Jenni went full FicPsych on Sirius! Nice to see her dipping into her AU self’s talent pool, and it looks like the man really needed it, too. Good for her! And good for him!

—doctorlit feels like Hermione’s dad reminding her to study is like another parent reminding their child to breathe air

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