Subject: AAAW: All Aurors Are Wankers!
Posted on: 2024-07-04 07:25:57 UTC

Umbridge lives to see another day, but don't worry, there is something in store for her in year 7.

I'm glad you enjoyed the Malfoys having a hero moment there! I wanted them to do something good, but not in an OOC way--they're not martyrs; they wouldn't sacrifice themselves for a cause. Their truest faith is to each other, which is why they're considered 'bad faith' to everyone else. So then why not let the plot unfold in a way that would get Draco to use his 'my father will hear about this' power for good?

The link to the Gillyweed thing doesn't work, fyi. :P But yes, the fascist strongman tones of Gaunt's speech are on purpose. The bit about betrayals and penurious inheritances are actually pulled from Hitler's first radio address, so the fact that you saw Trump's rhetoric in there is kinda, well, :))) that's not fun for us irl :))))))) But yes, that's kinda the playbook of an authoritarian strongman: they don't come to bolster hope. They come to sow despair and then sell themselves as the solution. And couple that with Gaunt's messiah complex, as you mentioned... well, that bit is taken from religious cult leaders, and cults are very much a small-scale exercise in authoritarianism!

Yeah, Regulus getting knocked around so easily was one hell of a clue! That being said, because Gaunt was draining his magic, that's why Regulus didn't put much effort into surviving the statue explosion. It's actually meant to parallel the death of Giles Corey, a man executed during the Salem Witch Trials under suspicion of wizardry. If he confessed to witchcraft, then his inheritance would've been taken from his children; therefore, he chose to die. Regulus knew if Gaunt had successfully drained him of all his magic then the Black family magic would end, but if he managed to die before Gaunt could fully drain him, then he still has a chance of passing on the family magic/lordship onto his heir... and you'll see who that heir is in year 6!

Harry definitely was getting stubborn about throwing himself into harm's way :') Everyone kept trying to get him out and he just kept running back in. JKR's whole "after Voldy the world returned to status quo but that status quo is ok as long as the Good People are in power" is such a... hm :/ don't like that, actually.

Honestly a valid location to be if you were a portrait!

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