Subject: When will Umbridge learn that her actions have consequences!
Posted on: 2024-06-21 05:23:47 UTC

Yes, there wasn't much of a fight in the books. I just wanted some Yakety Sax, Benny Hill-level chase between the Inquisitorial Squad and the Debate Association! The Patil Twins weren't raised to oppose each other; Padma is just more for propriety than Parvati is. She supports Umbridge because of that, while Parvati joined the DA to make friends.

Fred and George's portrait exit is a hint about how they ended up upstairs at the Hog's Head back in October ;) And keep an eye on Neville's plant spell!

To get into the mood to parody evil!Dumbledore, I parodied John Oliver's "Eat S***, Bob" song! It was very fun to write. :P And you may be onto something--those potions were not cheap at all!

I mean, I'd also argue straight-haired Pureblood with big boobs and bigger ballgowns Hermione can't hurt me either, and yet here I am...

Yes, see, it's a bit of explaining Umbridge's background and humanising her to show why she's such a stickler, but also trying to remind everyone that she chose to be heinous about it in order to try and claw herself some status. I'm glad you liked the namedrop of HSoP&M because that was one of the very first jokes I wanted to crack for this rewrite and I finally got to do it :D

I'm glad you liked the rebellion, and the students uniting, and Dobby's backstory for G.R.U.E.L. There is magic in a union!

I picture coven schooling to be like homeschooling pods, in a way, and I think it's a reasonable alternative to Hogwarts... in a world where Purityworld isn't a thing. :P Though there was an offhanded mention of a Healer coven run by Veela in Bulgaria! It's not all bad, I swear!

FÖRVIRRING was introduced earlier in the year as a "potion that'll make people stupid", or rather, a confusion potion.

Thanks for reading!

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