Subject: Prophecies, prophecies everywhere!
Posted on: 2024-06-27 03:02:10 UTC

You've got quite a few thoughts about the prophecy! I'm only going to say that all of the prophecies are meant to be read in multiple ways, and so multiple people could fulfil them, including Trelawney's! But also, my notes on the tarot cards:

death referring not to death but rather end of cycle, beginnings, change, metamorphosis; upright hierophant referring to tradition, conformity, morality, ethics; reversed temperance referring to extremes, excess, lack of balance

Make of that what you will!

Yeah it wasn't too hard to figure out how to write a totally out-of-touch old fart who doesn't care about the rise of authoritarianism as long as it doesn't affect him personally :P

The friend who came up with the spell says 'thank you'!"

As for the Mysterious Ticking Noise, all I have to say is that I bet the Inquisitorial Squad version goes a bit like this:
Crabbe. Crabbe. Vincent Crabbe
Crabbe. Goyle! Crabbe. Goyle! Crabbe. Greg Goyle!
Crabbe. McLaggen. Crabbe. McLaggen. Crabbe. McLaggen.

Thanks for catching the typo!

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