Subject: It's so interesting that you're still on her side,
Posted on: 2024-06-10 01:52:40 UTC

--because some of the commenters have been Mad at her! (And Harry in the next chapter, too.) I think a part of it is because they like Draco and therefore anyone who hurts Draco is immediately on their s*** list.

The Lord Slytherin Scandal did expose Gaunt as the leader of the Knights, but Gaunt has been taking a sledgehammer to the truth there with the "lying Longbottoms" conspiracy, and as we're unfortunately seeing irl with the Dumptruck's supporters, there is no lie people aren't willing to swallow if it gives them the chance to destroy their opponents, and wizard supremacy even in the books is taken as a given even by well-meaning characters like the Weasleys and Dumbledore (their view of Muggles is highly paternalistic--there's rarely anything about engaging with Muggles as people, it's more about protecting them haha they're so silly we can just mind-wipe them and tell them whatever we want), and in Purityworld it's probably even more prevalent and baked into the society and some people are still mad about the Muggleborns being initiated in 1950!

Yeah, Jacques has been fun, and there will be more for him to do in the final year!

The Hallows are considered heirlooms of the Hallowed and Most Olde House of Peverell in Purityworld, and High Lord Peverell is the one who unites all three of them and becomes "master of Chaos". That's the lore Grindelwald is using in his rise to power, but he only ever got one out of three Hallows, and it poisoned the whole concept in Europe. Like how certain religious symbols have been poisoned because of the dictators they're now associated with....

Thanks for catching the mini!!

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