Subject: Malfoys and Weasleys should just go on Family Feud...
Posted on: 2024-05-19 01:41:29 UTC

It's all right! I know real life can be busy as hell.

Yeah the one big happy Weasley family thing falls apart when you're in it :P and I feel like Molly and Arthur even in the books were arguing a bunch--or, rather, Molly seemed to henpeck Arthur a lot. But yes, the formerly-moneyed-but-had-it-all-confiscated situation here does amplify arguments since neither Molly nor Arthur were raised to handle economic precarity. Love can't buy your kids food and robes for Hogwarts, after all.

I made the deliberate choice to have the Weasleys in that situation because it's the natural extension/subversion of the idea that families "in the sacred 28" must be Pureblood aristocrats with money and Wizengamot seats. It always seems to extend naturally to, say, Blacks, Malfoys, Potters, but not so much to Weasleys because, well, they're poor in canon so fandom gets weirdly classist about them. And yet, in the books, the type of poverty the Weasleys are in is a fairly genteel sort and Arthur Weasley's job at the Ministry, while unglamorous, gives him enough power to write laws that affect people like Mr Bashir (GOF) and Lucius Malfoy (CoS, Muggle Protection Act). So I've tried to be a little bit more consistent with the sort of social punishment that took the Weasleys' former status away from them.

The wardstone of a magical family powers the house's wards, so yes, the Ministry was trying to remove the wardstone out of the building so that the land could be sold to pay back Lord Septimus' debts. However, I kinda borrowed from Encanto's Casita for the Burrow--that thing isn't going anywhere without a fight! Hence them deciding to confiscate the house-elves instead.

Of course Ron is acting bratty in his own way. He's eleven, and he's had ten years of (what he perceives as) unfair treatment :P

Given that I'm leaning hard into making a magical bond look and act like Voldemort and Harry's horcrux bond, it only seemed natural to have Occlumency be more widespread as a result.

Re: the poison: it was B :P Occam's razor. The reason for the poison flashback is to show Lily and Severina brewing a poison that acts like black mamba venom, and then imply that black mambas and runespoors are close enough taxonomically (they're both native to Burkina Faso) that runespoor antivenom would neutralise this poison. And the ASKE antivenom was, yes, a stopgap--it's more effective against stuff like bee stings and Swedish Short-Snout bites, but it managed to keep Lily from going into total anaphylactic shock before help could come.

(The idea is, ofc, that it looks like a bad allergic reaction to most people, and initially medics would try to treat an allergy not knowing it was replicated snake venom. And then by then it would be too late.)

Lockhart is just being weird lolol that monologue is from A Very Potter Senior Year!

Yeah, this world's messed Neville up :P Purity culture is one hell of a drug!

Actually, the deliberate usage of Monty Python by Mr Weasley has a more prosaic reason, as mentioned during the Christmas Eve parlour dance when Ron mentioned Dirty Dancing Filthy Frolicking. Mr Weasley just watches a ton of Muggle films and has instilled a healthy love of Muggle literature, cinema, and music in his kids. Though he has his gaps--Ron hasn't read LotR yet, and didn't know about Star Wars and Doctor Who until he befriended Harry! But we see the twins knowing about 1984, and Ginny listening to vinyls, so of course by the end Arthur is just throwing out Monty Python references because, well, the whole game is made up and Avalon isn't even real, so why not be silly with it? utilising the incredibly risky and radical Mordicus Egg Gambit which, if played perfectly straight, allows one any amount of silly Muggle film references that force the Purebloods to either accept the location as a valid location in Avalon, or contest it and therefore confess to consuming Muggle film.

Narcissa was established in Year Three as taking parlour games very seriously. It's because the Black sisters were very competitive growing up. Lucius tries to hold his own, but Narcissa knows exactly how to push his buttons...

Thanks for catching the misspellings!

(I wanted a Regulus who was different from the fandom-popular sarcastic sad boy (that's just Snape reskinned to be rich ok) so my Regulus is a bit pompous and all about manners and being civil, so that's why he's Momma's Boy, as well as why he seems so much more mature than Sirius.)

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