Subject: A change of perspective!
Posted on: 2024-05-19 01:51:12 UTC

Re: Lady P... >:3c

Karkaroff already betrayed Gaunt last year. He was "screaming like a Jobberknoll" about all the Knights in that Pensieve memory, remember? You'll see why he was poking around in a couple chapters. And yes, we all knew Regulus was a Knight because Regulus in the books was a Death Eater--but it's Hermione's surprise and what she does with this info that's the interesting part! :P

Yeah... I had originally wanted to make them a bit more chill but my beta pointed out that it makes sense to have this obstacle to take away Harry's plan to run off to the Muggle world. The Muggle world has its own problems, too! Gary and Rose will come around, but... slowly!

The line about "It wasn’t like he’d ever paid particular attention to Hermione’s curves." is a little bit more in-denial than actual obliviousness, but I don't blame you for not picking up on that, you've mentioned being too ace to notice these things ;P

Ron: Yeah I'm a wizard. Yeah I play vodeo games. What about it?

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