Subject: Chapter Nineteen!
Posted on: 2024-06-03 02:34:07 UTC

Hermione continues to deal with the fallout from her exposé.

Warnings for BL9 burn injuries (Ashwinder explosion), BL10(?) implied creepiness from Lord Nott about his much younger wife and his house elf, implied police brutality (the Ministry put-down of the house-elf strikes), stabbing injuries. Also a bit of internalised anti-Muggle/Muggleborn bigotry (stemming from radicalisation in the wake of a violent terrorist attack) in the last DA meeting, where one of the Creeveys calls Hermione the m-word. And, of course, Hermione's continuing C-PTSD.

Also feel free to vote in her AITA poll here (most likely requires a Tumblr account, sorry)!

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