Subject: re: 5.22 Lord Harry Potter and the Inevitable Result for Plot Reasons
Posted on: 2024-06-23 22:46:25 UTC

Oh yeah, the vibes were bad going into this one. I’m pretty sure Vablatsky is seeing the Basilisk in her early vision, and I had an inkling the “hierophant” from her second appearance was Gaunt. Peeking at the Potterverse Wiki, I see that Basilisks are also referred to as “the King of Serpents,” which means Trelawney’s prophecy is likely also alluding to it; in fact, I rather hope she is, because “the crown pierced with a sword” could then mean Slytherin’s Basilisk is going to meet the same fate as its canon counterpart, though apparently “at a heavy cost.” (Side note: this was an amazing way to introduce Trelawney for the first time! Having her unexpectedly drop a full prophecy on live spellcast in the middle of a fraught election is a seriously powerful scene, and I love it, both as a paragraph to read, and when picturing how much of New Avalon just heard it live in their living rooms! people must be freaking out!) Ultimately, I guess I knew at some level that Gaunt winning made the most sense from a plot standpoint, but I still didn’t want it, and I was still reading each new set of vote counts with my stomach hanging below my knees. And now that Gaunt is in a position of governmental power again, the protagonists are going to have to do a lot of fighting to—Oh no, hang on, “Temperance’s sacrifice will go to naught” . . . I need to look up what “temperance” means real quick.

. . . Dang it, Lily. Don’t do this to us! Temperance is Regulus, isn’t it? I’m going all out of order for how I wanted to write this comment, but I can’t pretend like I’ve forgotten the plot of Order of the Phoenix. That dream sequence of memories, wonderful as it is, didn’t really come from Lily, did it? Harry didn’t practice his Occlumency properly, someone’s planted memories in his head to trick him into going to the Ministry, and we’re going to lose Sirius a second time. The future is bleak!

(And for a significantly more unhinged prediction, I still haven’t let go of my semi-joking comment about Astoria carrying out Harry’s Act of Contrition, in the form of bringing him Gaunt’s head. Looking at this line in Trelawney’s prophecy: “A Pureblood of wild heart and immense power, bearing the crown pierced with a sword, shall bring forth the new Camelot and rescue their fallen House from perdition.” That does sound an awful lot like Astoria; she’s Pureblood, she’s wild for her fundamentalist religion, she IS powerful, in spite of her blood curse, as I alluded to before, since she was able to overpower numerous uncursed students, as well as two adult men, one of whom had no curse affecting his magic. Her House could be viewed as “fallen,” in the sense that she and her aunt are both criminals. If she’s the one “bearing the crown pierced,” my theory at the moment is that she really is going to behead Gaunt, only for the Basilisk to be revealed as a Horcrux, allowing him to resurrect as a more “traditionally Voldemort” figure, and seize greater control, “bring[ing] forth the new Camelot.” As you can see, I am engaging with this story at a completely normal and healthy level!)

Excellent writing in that opinion piece in the Prophet; it gets across the sheltered attitude of the privileged sort of people whose lives don’t change when the reins of power change, and have no recognition for the suffering that a bigoted, controlling authoritarian can cause people in marginalized groups. I also love that “Encombrer” spell, because of course Hagrid has been learning French spells from Maxime, and of course the French have a literal barricade spell! And, of course, I have to acknowledge your reference to one of the most highbrow pieces of literature ever produced from the Harry Potter zeitgeist, the mysterious ticking noise!

One question on this line:
Sev, please, begged Mum, cradling a wailing Harry to his chest as the agony of a snapped Matrimonial Bond burned right through her.
I’m not sure if that “his” is an error, or if it’s an acknowledgement that Harry is experiencing his baby self against his own chest, since he’s in Lily’s point of view in that memory?

—doctorlit is filled with dread for the future of this story, and for another upcoming election . . .

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