Subject: Harry Potter and the Unexpected Mum Backstory!
Posted on: 2024-05-26 02:48:17 UTC

The detail of Lily being sponsored by the Princes was first brought up in either year 1 or 2. James had wanted to sponsor her, too, but Lily chose Severina because they were childhood friends, and that formed the basis of James' hatred of Severina. The Mary Macdonald incident was alluded to in year 4, too, when they were listing out crimes committed by the Knights of Camelot. I think in this instance it was probably a sort of initiation rite for the Knights given how Severina appeared to have been traumatised by it (standing back and doing nothing, something she also did back when she was young and her grandfather--well, that's a story for another time).

Severina's allowing her anxieties over what would happen if Harry's shields are too weak affect her ability to teach him, plus I don't even think she knows how to go about teaching a complete novice how to do this thing. Nesh and I worked out Occlumency to be sort of done in layers:

  • The basic level is building a wall between your thoughts and the thoughts of family members on your familial bond. That’s something most mages learn as kids. Harry doesn’t know this because he was raised Muggle.
  • Then you have to learn to clear your mind at will when someone tries to barge in on your thoughts.
  • Then you learn to construct a false set of memories, expanding it into an entire different “self” or backstory if needed.
  • And then finally more advanced trickery like false memories on top of false memories, etc

And advanced Legilimens learn to spot telltales of tampered-with memories, or false memory palaces.

But essentially the whole thing comes down to effective compartmentalisation and being able to modify your memories in order to lie under Veritaserum/memory-pulling. Things that this Harry in particular isn't really good at because he's open-hearted and not very interested in duplicity, because he wasn't raised in an abusive household. That being said, Severina was definitely the wrong person to teach him because she's invested in him enough to freak out about him not immediately grasping the basics, like how SOME parents freak out every time they're in a car with their kid so the kid has to get a driving tutor instead! Ask me how I know :P

Hermione was overdue for an activism L that doesn't imply that wizards think slavery is fun and cool and that house-elves enjoy being slaves. :P That's all I really have to say about what she's doing. Alex Hirsch put it best when he said that the inability of the left to distinguish between an imperfect ally and an enemy would lead to our downfall!

Interesting theory on Babbling! You'll see in several more chapters if that's correct.

Haha, Draco can't help it, he was being too nice, he had to insult something soon and it might as well be grilled cheese. :P

And re: your speculation... well, you'll know in the next chapter!

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