Subject: Hermione Granger and the Consequences of Cancellation Part One
Posted on: 2024-06-03 02:57:45 UTC

Yeah, the adults circling the wagons was definitely not the way to rein her in! I think they assumed she could be reasoned with but then dogpiled her instead and made her double down. Sometimes grown-ups really forget to listen and take teenagers/young adults seriously!

That being said, whoops! She's definitely messed things up! Callouts/exposes aren't inherently a bad thing, but one has to be fully cognisant of all the risks involved, especially when there's the possibility of a strongman getting elected as one of the consequences. And I think it goes to show that Hermione, even with her cleverness, can still get blindsided, especially when it's about how people might react to her actions.

Yes, hold the thought on what the grown-ups are trying to do with Silveryholt... :3c

Yeah you were right the first time! I also don't know how you derailed yourself, haha, it wasn't really that much of a mystery! But I guess the herrings distracted you >:D

You can thank Nesh for writing Jenni's lines there. I mean, what is the point of having a therapist infiltrate Purityworld if not to give some HP characters some much-needed therapy lolol

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