Subject: re: 5.16 Ron Weasley and Lord Harry Potter and the Megamorphs Narration Treatment
Posted on: 2024-05-14 03:08:43 UTC

. . . Well, gosh. Hermione seemed to so obviously be Lady Polixenes before, but this chapter is making me doubt that. I could understand her not reporting the cursed quill when Hermione was the only victim, to help obfuscate Polixenes’s identity, but she surely would have said something when Luna started getting hurt. My suspicion has now turned upon Lavender, of all characters. Lavender is riding the Pureblood train hard in this timeline, so it might seem at first glance that she would be supportive of Umbridge’s “reforms;” however, she’s also been waaaaay too interested in the “who likes who” of school life, so Umbridge’s blockage of the take-notice board, and the restrictions on public displays of affection, may have put too much of a damper on Hogwarts social life for Lavender to be properly entertained by her classmates. Plus, she was asking Harry about Lily’s outfit, and whether she was romantically involved with Regulus in an earlier chapter, and this chapter has her trying to pry information about Draco’s love life out of Ron, of all people. She’s been after material to publish as Polixenes the whole time, and no one (including me) has been noticing because she was already such a gossip. Well played!

A note from Karkaroff, eh? Hopefully, he’s following in his canon self’s footsteps and betraying Gaunt, though hopefully with less getting-murdered-for-it this time. I wonder if the finale of the Triwizard Tournament made him decide to prioritize the safety of his students/community over loyalty to Gaunt. Perhaps he had some dirt about Gaunt to provide Regulus with, as leverage? And as for Regulus’s own vassal bond with Gaunt, I had rather taken it for granted he would have a Knight’s Mark, since the canon original had a Dark Mark, so it wasn’t really a surprise for me. But I can understand Hermione’s shock over it; she was seeing Regulus as a separate option from Gaunt, only to learn that Gaunt is holding something over Regulus’s head all along. Hermione’s righteous anger in that moment was a beauty and wonder to behold! The reformation will not be spellcast!

Ah, man. The reaction Gary and Rose had to learning of Harry’s love for Draco felt all too familiar, as someone who attended grade school and junior high in the 90s. Yeah, let’s just leave it at that. It’s good for that decade to stay in the past . . .

Some other, minor observations:
-Ron is so gloriously unaware of Hermione and girls in general right now, I love him for it!
-I see Qiu has finally come to terms with exactly what kind of friend Marietta is. She deserves some better friends now!
-Ron is going to $*%@ing crush some high scores at Tetris, absolutely!

—doctorlit, $*%@ing crushing some mediocre scores at Tetris

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