Subject: re: 5.24 Lord Harry Potter and the distinct lack of YEAR FIVE ALLCAPS OF RAGE
Posted on: 2024-07-09 03:27:39 UTC

Oh man, Harry is so angry at Lily! . . . Why, though? Like, I can understand a bit of teenage frustration over everyone trying to make him leave that night, especially in light of him being correct, that his and the other students’ wands were necessary to join in the defense spell. But Lily didn’t get Gideon or Regulus killed; Harry ought to be saving his anger for Gaunt! Poor Lily . . .

Jeeze, seeing Dumbledore’s hair supernaturally shortened and dehydrated really shows just how much power Gaunt was wielding during that battle, and that’s just when drawing on Pettigrew’s magic! (I think? He was the only one whining about it during that chapter, at any rate.) And I see Dumbledore has also dropped the series title in this new prophecy. I like that the prophecy in this timeline is even vaguer than the one in canon, and therefore even less connected to Harry. It ties back to Lily not wanting Harry to see himself as a “Chosen One” figure. Of course, she’s just wanting to keep Harry safe, but it also means that Harry has chosen to stand up to Gaunt of his own volition because it’s the right thing to do, unlike the canon Harry getting more or less coerced into it through Voldemort “choosing” him. Hm. “For the land of rotting apples, the Heirs of Avalon will rise.” But we don’t actually know who’s set to inherit “Avalon” at this point. I want to see the “land of rotting apples” as Wizarding Britain, where the corrupt “few bad apples” have “spoiled the bushel,” the whole society. Which would then mean the heirs of society, the young folks, are going to rise up to reform things? But it looks like the “bad egg” expression only dates back to the 1800s, so it’s not a phrase Tycho Dodonus would have used for that meaning . . . Dumbledore also touches on my main criticism of afterlife myths, which is that they encourage people to devalue the world they live in, and place all their energy and resources into “earning the right afterlife,” rather than taking care of the world and the other life forms in it. It’s an emotional crutch against the fear of death, but death is a normal part of life, and can’t be avoided or, dare I say it, magiced away. Funny how Gaunt is using afterlife fears to manipulate and control, while his canon counterpart was trying to avoid death entirely! No, societies with an unrealistic attitude towards death don’t produce very healthy psychological profiles, do they?

Welp. The couple is together. Yay? I know this is where they were headed endgame-wise, but I’m still more on Hermione’s side that Harry is rushing in too young, into a culture with unhealthy practices and strictures. Plus, I’ll admit my view of your Draco has dimmed a bit with him joining the Inquisitorial Squad, even if he ultimately wasn’t very loyal to Umbridge. I’m a lot more interested in what’s happening with Draco’s parents right now. “A purge at Malfoy Manor?” Surely Gaunt wasn’t so angry about Lucius leaving the ceremony to rescue his own son, as to retaliate?! Draco is a Pureblood heir, Gaunt should see rescuing him as a reasonable investment of time! And surely he didn’t straight-up kill Lucius, for the same reason of keeping Pureblood influence in the Ministry? Actually, my main guess would be that Gaunt has transferred the Malfoy family magic to Bellatrix, on grounds that she’s Narcissa’s sister?

. . . And what other households are due for "purging"?

Dropping Harry off with the Dursleys hits so. Hard. Harry’s summers in this timeline have been so nice, getting to interact with friends, go to birthdays and parties, work on projects . . . I don’t know if this version of Harry is prepared for an entire, wandless summer with the Dursleys, and frankly, I don’t know if I’m ready to read it, either . . . at least Dudley is going to be 15/16ish, so we can skip the worst of his bullying tendencies from the earlier canon books. And there’d better be no cupboard under the stairs, Harry deserves a real bedroom! (Also, honestly, I'm not sure if I agree with Lily confiscating his wand? A Ministry employee has already managed to sick a dark magic creature on Harry in a Muggle neighborhood; it might be better to, you know, NOT deprive him of his only source of magical defense?!)

I am chiseling “[I]t is the mark of a tyrant to speak of fear and sell themselves as hope” on the wall in my brain. Thank you.

"Draco followed Crookshank’s gaze"
I think an “s” got dropped before the apostrophe, though I know making proper nouns ending in “s” into possessive form is a whole can of worms . . .

—doctorlit read-and-reviewed this instead of shopping today; time well spent!

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