Subject: Hello! And, er, who are you when you're at home?
Posted on: 2021-09-11 18:46:42 UTC

Talking in rhyme is good fun if you can pull it off, but I'm gonna be a stick-in-the-mud and request that you use correct capitalization and punctuation while you do it. It IS a rule in our Constitution that thou shalt make thyself legible, after all, and others have noted that it's a bit tricky to follow what you're saying so far. Aside from keeping up the general standard of a community that criticizes bad writing, some of us speak English as a second language, so please be considerate.

That said, you are welcome, and I hope you have fun! Just wanna make sure your fun will be fun for everyone else, too. {= )


P.S. Sorry, but I can't let this go: the "strands of Pern" are not something you want weaving any kind of pattern anywhere near you, seeing as they will BL2, so maaaybe consider your figurative language choices a little more carefully, too? {; P

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