Subject: ah my dear lets set down the brandy and have a tea then
Posted on: 2021-09-16 06:30:43 UTC

so i do apologize for i knew another would raise the hand, it happens at all the this layered construct.

ah my dear, forgive me most of all. for you, there are so many stories and played games.

let us take tea in the manor meant to be, that seen is your construct of a sigh of self-care.

i would love not to play, but the story was started, odd how its stalled with no direction, you think it's time but it is not. for you have reached the point in the Pantheon and but one year left....... how do you tell a story told of such width of variables? and psst, do you think they request this of just you, or perhaps there is an identical mirror working in a different manner? as like through writers of code? and where do you think the epics of the dark world are done and conceived.? yes ma'am I am there too.

and is it not weird that I came through every door? that's some of the confusion i think.
and some might say as if on cue. or due rabbit a little late or perhaps early as known time is not entirely a constant state. I think you perhaps of all know that all the flowers as a majority would think to just to listen to the possibilities. as if one rabbit was used to narrate oh yes, this is quite nervous as exactly who HQ is and the act of service. but as all function daily but are quite stuck. believe me, I was hoping you had your sapsuckers. and yet the entire gsps stands between a ceiling and a trap door pit. and you all cling dearly to the demand of standard that got you here. for you see in the room such as this of the ones that sat in your seat stood HQ to some jackass ultra headshrinker took the order to put the script in my head before i even got started. perhaps as a fail-safe but I doubt that the way the force of attempt of control. and that would be why i stated it was a matter of time before the flowers, and HQ (for it was a bluebonnet in that picture too that was missed or not mentioned as intel from the dept of non-propaganda you see. for she stood among the bluebirds which I'm not sure of your scope) so that would prove a point in a task if one were to say.... check into the past.

now i do not demand, simply state the future of occurrence. and I am only here because it was this group that conjured me. i understand how it all works. gather yourself my dear finds yourself a spa day, and because of the hour, and current position at best. where one would write an opus, why not be known for a Magnus opus of not only style but in a time of system foundation and cohesive attributes of the storyline. at least to the point of a marvelous attempt. driven by such an entrepreneurial American writers stance of the freelancers, dreamers, that would echo so far as to be held valiant and kept, even if but by the only 2 as part of even a small library? how many ideas unfold to the reality we know. and produce items and toys seen as inventing. when all along the end was waiting for you to understand the beginning.

I'm surprised you don't know.. star trek was delivered as a play cast on but a set. but did it stay? oh, I think not, for we print food, and have all the screens the coms too so easy you see, but I worked on the holodeck myself in the 90s, and just as told it was touch-sensitive in the three dances set the waltz was my favorite, with modeling choice. where do you think it is 20 years later? are you positive you know, because just last week it was announced all we lack now is the impulse engine, as phrased "to put into place" and someone is working on that! which alludes to its sitting somewhere to be the show stopper, an unveiling ceremony perhaps. you are a tiny part of that tale awe am i, neither will make mention most likely in that to be written... so can we can laugh at now and make a bet, an insurance claim in the first trip out, as a docking pylon ends in one pass to hide the booboo on the left side.? but you would have to write us there. is that not the way? from what I know is coming can be clocked from a Friday receipt. the following Monday authoritative action may find its way faster than my guess but id still say no more than two weeks. as the venue may be seen, and you may even see the part that broke away return to parley. simply suggest being open to accepting that. but always as Ronin know your exit out :)

come, my dear, another glass perhaps. check on my proof, of course, the file may be locked but she still writes children's stories you see so she's alive in the plot. unlike the other elders whose info goes poof as if they barely existed as far back as 1815 and the names become symbols to trace. i hope this tea relieved some of the ugh felt in the day of disarray. but you most assuredly understand there are those with nefarious plans, especially in such a group. and even you cannot say one does not exist in this offset place. given such histories and current construct.
now I have to go from one person to three commercial entities in what seems like one day and wake two rabbits to kick on the ole live dj radio and tower for the theme music as to broadcast to every device that theme music is needed for with or without you the rabbit commanders gather. so I have most explicitly told you mine, as I sit in a lecture in class, and read a publication of the staff here within. now I must leave for I wish to stop for I to must find delight for that which comes next and Hop to the Amish the most magnificent farmer, which the children love the colored pencils so much, and enjoy to follow with their bare feet in a gaggle of family dogs, its quite an awe. perhaps a way to divert a path through the machine for this house to have the jellies and jams. for I see you have most excellent tea but such lacking on the biscuits.

gather supplies and fill the ink well after all even if I am completely wrong,, am i not right. your return is a tidy house full and upright. and you indeed oh most indeed need to write. the this of hard work of high spirit and mirth, fear is like a genie wish you get what you want but pay all in return. so line this with such heart, take away that frazzled and stress.. for all the parts of Judy jetsons stage lay at your feet. and here is your team so unimaginative. i would tell the intelligence division to return them for they took them so long ago.

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