Subject: thanks all for the dance
Posted on: 2021-09-21 16:49:50 UTC

One only gets better by playing a better opponent. the best way to learn it is too intentionally lose 500 fights before the real fight begins. and the lessons learned in loss is found to an actually again, for knowledge is priceless, when there was nothing given up.

I do wave hello to a well awake room that my very appearance put in a flux. and if you count back the 16 of the 17 stones this one is the last. and what does that do kiddies with the physics of the ripple effect? big bada boom! Look at the names in this thread. make good use of that :)

just enough chaos in the order was placed, to expand its flex in the signal so to speak. does this not allow you to review the parameters of your own construct, perhaps. but regardless of conception well underneath was the original idea. and no not of my own. for this place is not my home.

to linger at tea for one such as me I would find myself in the Mad Hatters fate, for those that fear one's ability and see it as a threat to bind you to the never-ending tea party until it matters not the original quest and one finds the heart removed.

Know you have the ilk worked out, settle into what you reserved and load your pens with that, don't you think?

Even here I learn things new, getting better at this new song you sing, though it does seem as the rules of the language get moving, they abruptly change course. The rabbits did denote for a song full of exceptions, there is much pretending that none is allowed. so 26 words used to be said now used as one, it caused a bit of a ripple... Not entirely bad. So don't be surprised if a rabbit says the word love up to twenty-six times. The place where we go next will help that for they will be exposed to the idea of adding time dilation to say things like love to the 4th power. it seems to be needed to cut down the time when a simple good night lasts all night so as not to lose the intention. Must check into that before something weird happens and turns them into Rabbids.

to Neshomeh, One of the worst mistakes is to let an unknown slight remain as a taste and to be honest it should have been plain as day as the inquisition to the Vato. and the difference in dialect. in this humans are strange to me but the essence of slight remains. pardon one that travels through at times way too fast and bound to the natures of such.

So if i don't see you again, have a good morning, a nice afternoon, and a wonderful goodnight.

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