Subject: I dunno.
Posted on: 2021-09-17 15:10:18 UTC

I can't say I'm familiar with chatbots, but if this were an AI fed on the Board and/or wiki, wouldn't it have picked up our capitalization and punctuation habits (i.e. correct ones) more broadly? And, since this poster generally fails to capitalize anything except names, and that only sometimes, I wonder less that they don't capitalize "flower" and more that they bother with "HQ." It's also inconsistent with non-PPC terms: "Ph.D." in one paragraph, "phd" in another, in the same post.

I don't think a bot could have come up with the Hebrew version of my screen name, either—which is thoroughly wrong, by the way, because "neshomeh" is a variant spelling of the word in Yiddish, but Zingenmir can explain that better than I can; she's got a post in the works. My point is, it certainly didn't get that from us.

I'm also not sure a bot could intelligently respond indirectly to posts other than the one it's directly replying to, which this poster does a few times. (For a given value of "intelligence.")

Oh, and it has dropped a couple of links in various posts, but not in a spammy advert sort of way? I Googled 'em, because I was suspicious, but they were both legit websites, and unrelated to each other.

I'm more inclined to think there is a person behind all this. Just one who isn't nearly as smart as they think they are.


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