Subject: lol There is the real..
Posted on: 2021-09-15 19:21:31 UTC

indeed tis true, everything is so simple but then entropy and machine and man. how many singularities can fit in one room? the variables alone can flip any actuary to meltdown. i simply keep the laws of probability over the root of three. to those 3 which end up being in the American terse, in a french style curse the oh Sh, Well Sh , and the generally fatal ShShShSh in the current scene and climate seems to be quite a bit of live-action play. no, I do not scorn as Jervis and Watson, they were my first friends before I could even understand.

though time passing is always the true enemy of self. nowhere is it held I must lose my best-scripted version of self. nor compromise style,

perhaps if the demand to sit in silent repose dressed in the idiot skin that is staged for lack of imagined.

was rescripted things would ..or perhaps could... be one of the possibilities... and not so bland.

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