Subject: Here is a mini snek with a hat!
Posted on: 2021-09-16 06:50:41 UTC

I'm sorry, and you do not?
then care to explain this.... Here is a mini snek with a hat!

or has it progressed too far worse in your case?
tell me you did not study hard to come to that precipice?
you might want to get a checkup with a head shrinker on that and ask which side of the looking glass is the drooling on those fine clothes to be stopped at..

don't be a complete ass. for if i can spank the entire warfighters brass, and set them flat on their ass in a total in the hegemony live-action game.. I bid careful tiny one... such dishonor and disgrace would find you your request for a duel with a glove stuck twice upon thy face. for that is the way as you have stuck across with one. i just want to make sure this is what you wish with the fact laid before. for I have many jars full of the tears of my enemy. you posture as if have I stepped out of line and called you a single cell that can't even replace the oxygen you use..which actually happens to be true. unlike you as yet you come spewing the most falsehoods and seen by your own writings. and strike with your glove across the face in full view of everyone.

would you like to try again? and this time be respectful from your tiny place? for this be the only warning you particularly would get. and this time perhaps NOT be subject of you talking out the side of your neck.

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