Subject: so i hope that brings to close you variant q n a.
Posted on: 2021-09-16 07:57:47 UTC

as most of these responses are gif and sent away_ to SOG as it was known back in the day. but for most here that tag was two generations ago.

I must go for a moment and bend time and space, with some good physicist, and redefine the output in the modern reform as we leave the industrial age in assist you to move into mine. to pair for the best chance to survive. this is the signal your testing is done. the head shrinkers and history moles have to find time to assimilate what you already knew. how bold of you to assume you control something you designed yourself as a god. my patience wears thin with these tiny humans within most with young faces and odd-looking beards. i leave and wonder if you have the right heart, cause you cast the shadows of the dark rather heavy. as one of the 12 pirate lords of that realm and friend to the watchers, even your bosses don't see. I expect you lot to polish up your etiquette and find the great נְשָׁמָה‎ a spa day in this forsaken place.

yes, that is her name in the right tongue. and grammitcally correct. now ponder how many of YOU knew even that. and here she is your elder director endeared to you but those that don't know that ....smh. I would bet none beyond her.

and mind your tongue lest you forever be known henceforth as the one all would simply call "cantgetright" and perhaps you can find out if I truly have the power to replace the temporary image in a permanent seat, to one more akin to a better and positive way of these yearlings who talk out of place.

now to those that didn't try to turn sour the mirth and delight, i take the gifted snek( still unsure what this is i hope i have all it needs and a way to help smile, ) and do they like more than one style of hat? as i didn't not expect a room such as this to be gifting an unknown species to every guest.

and the origami made so intricately may you be blessed.

the future dictates i am to return. for i tell you of fact the rule of fear must subside.

between the next fortnight, I shall return. think it's a joke then I'm sorry for your sin. the only way past that block is a picture you've post or a tap on the shoulder or a raided hand in the college of tenure in class. and I don't think your tiny brain can withstand that. not when there is 23 million soon without water sooner than you think due to those blinders and bits you wear

now to ping twitter with all those spooks and brass where they have their projection of absolute stop set in less than 28 years.

and none can stop mother nature, as R n D of my rabbit headed by hazel and fiver we set to help you make it through and weather the trails of mother nature's magic wrought in wrath.. as the gulf stream all but stops tell me which of you even know the result of this? its on your news and i hope I do not have to exert any more effort to stop of tedious peacocking of birds with no feathers to get this job done which is mostly saving the lot of you from your own self-making.

for the verticle is stuck with a windshield for a ceiling, mars is a three-year tenure in a basic Chernobyl so do not be found standing around dressed like a clown and take heed to your time and that pause quickly to that which will give you the strength you need or give up the seat to a better in ranks or to bully through with great heart. to shatter the glass. and set to scurry fast within varieties of Ai tech as your new bunny buddy. for even not all of my rabbits could take the broad scope of pain so close. yet still, lend hand and medic those that puke on their desk from simple knowledge of whats real and the position these PhDs from all the verticles got us in this place. so if any should be found with the disdain belongs to the one you challenge. but instead of mocking or saying ha Goodluck for the rabbit can simple make popcorn and watch the show. we have our own way and yes it was you that got you here in the first damn place.
it always gets worse before it gets better, but there is not a single one of you high or low that is not found as an away party dressed in red. as the arrogance and self-serving have made your continuum a real shit show with no heroes at all but complete decimation and a few a slow death. so let's make a deal, and you check your bullshit and set forth to bend physics through pen, or would you rather just remain oblivious untill the end? as its sooner than each individual project states, because not many have pushed them together for that drives the beast mad im afraid. you see you still have your god given choice... those that created HQ and the flowers, was simply a few men. removed that god-given right in abomination simply so they would win. now you know who i am.

but i leave you each even the foul, a touch of a rabbit foot and the heartfelt to all have a beautiful day and stay blessed. and i shall return. to see if you were able to set ready and progress.

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