Subject: psst...yes i do believe i told you even that.
Posted on: 2021-09-18 12:47:48 UTC

the hellp im a mad hare. and i stated boldy that i was accused and replied as such I only give you your own words back.. and look at you frothing and foaming.. and how many are screaming VICTIM and yet they are the perp but then its all just gibberish... look at you lot go. and still, overlook the one thing i held to. a better heart. which is it not obvious to you now. its absolutely on point and indeed needed, or you're just wasting the time left.

so are they gibberish.? lol oh then why the contradiction by your very own admission. i have had but one single message and none of you seem to get that. but that hate and arrogance in your heart is why you cant hear. hello again
perhaps now you understand the depth this type of writting takes, and tell me why would a god let you write such a tale when you have not the heart, nor the imagination.

because plainly many think not for the reaction went over the top? and seemed quite concise in their explicative

pretty sure i start with a hello im a mad hare. even the unnamed looking in cannot find the violation, but that' because he hasn't reviewed some of you. a.. look at the violent uptick and hate spewed in stupidity that abounds.

look at you go.

this is in your rule you cant even abide. what makes you think in your arrogant state you could survive in mine, or any for that matter, especially the machine. when this was done by one you all called a potato.

and there is the lesson. for control is an illusion. and what is the greatest con.... the very one i announced when i entered? and i told you i would and guess what has happened. seems i pulled it on a room. just as i kept hinting. as the wicked and divine have two books i boldly let out now sit back. oh indeed. what a trick.

look how fast i did it to you.

so . do . you. think. you. are. ready. for such a story. and is the heart of this thing in the right place. do you have the snap to hold it together for an opus such as what you have started?

and the thumping of morse into text soon fade........

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