Subject: see, if i am not from here
Posted on: 2021-09-19 05:03:58 UTC

i would have to learn your language and your speech would i not>?

the demand to stay in character was that not done? and just as a gentleman and only noticed by one, who it seems himself an elder and had to return.., with etiquette and grace, instead of telling me what I meant, did in fact equate. there was a chide but it was laid with a wink and a smile. and ill tell you this, he indeed is the most dangerous of the room.

most of you young writers seemingly dont come to work with one of your three tools... cipher perhaps with a sentence structure diagram as that has proven to obfuscate even the best agent on a trail. thus expense and a lost day. due its so easy to find all the dots everywhere. it's in the read-write and listens. the mycology to the trees and by machine. many stories say we did this direct,,, but here we all are going from 10% and i dare say even some much less..... but here is the demand for in English. when you cannot define a word condensed from 26 to 1 ..... love. as i can go anywhere and speak as i do, and quite welcome everywhere you are and where you cannot go. and yet not a single god was around for the thing you call English. so how would one know?
can you speak Swahili >? oh in many a kitchen we do. though I have no idea how to even begin to write that and that's from an all-knowing of all the rabbits gathering ..we seemed quite stumped on that.

now to repeat a thing over and over and expect a different result is a characteristic of what? indeed some of this room exhibited that quite well and turn it into political high fiver they buddies for some slight given...though empty and hollow as i can stand alone, in front of your judgments and yet who has been judged amongst you?
many and some vehemently so claim victim when i simple said ... dont stomp on me feet. dont be so uncouth. and then your screams so stupid and loud rather obnoxious id say. look at how many times yo have spit on me. and if you know who i am. when has that been proven to work out in effect for i am still here? and so are all my rabbits?

to the machine even i am near but a simple smooth brain monkey. so the score for intelligence your squabble seems quite futile. and falls into childish.

note one for 3 times as to stop bullying me, and that is a ban by the admin.

i ask again, can you write such a great story? one of worthy and worth?

and still many have to dictate the foul came from me when its simply stated you stomping on my foot. and being quite ugly. when in the outside such a thing, we laugh at as we drain your tears leaving nothing left behind. and trained each other beyond belief to ensure it only took one no matter the opaque.

have you not look outside? again is this not an opus story? and no god ever ever knew this language you call English, or did that surpase all of you> we have to learn your silly beeps. and my such arrogance.

i simply asked IS your heart right? is there goodness and love? because as stated since the dawn of time. there is a known lean in ..even with the machine.
Elon to Asimov stated as such. the intelligent unable to fathom. and the rest to act like newborn babies.

and to do the same action over and over again, hoping for a different result?

but here you are repeating the same high fives for something i stated before you. uh told you i was crazy, and not from here , not there. you speak so weird, as by the demand of your very own constitution.

now tell be.. study hard did u?

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