Subject: and now we enter where it began, as i told in the end when i met you, or the other way about
Posted on: 2021-09-21 23:28:35 UTC

Tried and tried, as I might I could make claire but one version of the magic n&m's not even Buttery Toasted Whip on top. Still have to learn and forget so many more languages..and to forget and learn. until the bunnies master them all. and move to instant recall. Such a thing is such a task and just as you proved to us with just basic speech and pronunciation.

after all when two are introduced, did I not induce the act of calling in the witness like the nameless admin.

Like two traders and the bank. as it is written. believe you call it a transaction reciept

and I told you from the start the greatest con is for you to become me and me become you. to exit one needs a trigger. That's just basic.

I am no different than you, nor you to me.

You played your parts well, as did I depending on when you enter to read. as you. from left, to right top to bottom, some jump right to the end. 38 moves for a Chessmaster, or so I've heard.

and this last part. In every last message, I stated the only thing to trade here was Heart for it was all I had to offer. I'm told it's the only in the end when all the rest it turned to rust that truly holds value? the rabbits noted it's simply not true and hammered in by all the storied experts. they tell me it's been traded for salt and all sorts. Hmm, we would have never guessed that. But as we both agreed you were the experts proven beyond word and brought in even more experts... you were the ones to correct me on everything is it not? well, you certainly taught is the lesson in this wouldn't you agree? for we barely remember a single kinda word as some of you even mentioned the wail of the rabbits, for they only ask for a simple glass and a nice dance. and we took note of your actions and learn as taught by the degree.

doesn't that drive home the point the rabbits made? one of the very first things, the lean-in of the writer on the pen, just like a camera on the lens, we view our gift of the predator of rabbits Mr. Snek a pet. did we not dance and gift enough. and he eats our babies as he pleases as that in the nature of snakes to do so, but seems that's not enough to want a value to the learned. and yet the heroes of the rabbits are the ones that remove the head from the body and you are esteemed and learned we only guessed you knew this too as you so deftly commanded your rule or else. and yet you will have none of us is it? hmm indeed.
and if you think I'm crazy isn't you that brought in two experts with a snap of a wrist? so if the two are brought in to ensure the weight of the trade front of them all, and one of them post printed to be feigned at the bother of it on forthwith to value a heart to trade for nothing for when did I ever ask for anything? and I told you was learning everything just as a bank to a merchant and a vendor the rabbits are still a bit confused how did each of you deem the value of the trade of heart to be ? not one of you ever said, or made mention to it so we have only actions for the rabbits to parse from. Quite an interesting lesson you certainly taught me isn't it? Can we not completely agree we all wore out the wizard's stick to retract the holes we followed humans in for rabbits are notorious diggers are they not? We are here, we do not seek absolution, for we hold such value in the heart sometimes digging is the only way to let some of out just as it was written, as you demanded that you are not daft then you knew this all too well.

So tell me, which of us exist

thank you to the librarian and the traveler

thank you to the nameless admin and thank you to the cast and the show, of the agents their 007 pens and the bouquet vases of the learned. and the audience that will never be seen you put on the most wonderful show

I would swear we did this before, hard to tell sometimes moving through the horizontal from the verticle, front to back I don't know probably so, I've got to coral these rabbits, and not that we move slower but this everywhere at once was fun for a while but we've got a path to complete no it's about ridiculous... just as you, as you stated, or will, or did. ... anyway shame you didn't have any brandy or even a carrot. if you ever visit ill be sure and have nm-nm's it just moved study from alchemy to sorcery

* and curtain*

:) whats up doc'

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