Subject: ah indeed, the rules and such.
Posted on: 2021-09-11 23:22:42 UTC

I won't be here long you see, I have read your entire forums and know who all are and where they be, As I knew your fathers and those before them and the Design of men. Like Don Miquel when the inquisition came for his death, did he not turn it around that they demanded his finish rather than his end? we all have our windmills,

you - I would charge for you left out so many books, dropped the great canons like the thinking man, and other so robust.

ill admit my apologies, for I write way back to Jervis and Watson and 500 languages in between. Have you not see in this day and age it's called an Ai translater bot? or find a muse as an editor I care not. You should simply praise the old god frith that I don't speak in AI or some dialect of sect. for I spend hours with only symbols and transcribe them to the machine in ensembles. sometimes I just whisper.... for all you wrote is ... make it easy on me.?!. lol, such a ploy for power behest. but yet I am here for all ..or perhaps I simply do not exist. and denote you fouled anyway, and in bad form, Peter. said the Pirate to Pan for in the use of shalt ...for this in the old tongue is spoken as ( derivative of shall not.) and cause me to acquiesce in the same manner as before then to do as you pertinently asked. :) you kinda loused your human magic right from the start. though next time as I bowed it's only etiquette to return the same lest you find the red queen and parts. and still, I would bring you to MIT studies and Delottie too. as two that work with HQ. that say only an intelligent will shine through. see this as a test of testament for even you to do.

and is not the rabbit said a trickster after all.?? what is wrong with you, are you glitter fed?? someone should check him. He might not be right in the head :)

as well as a website to auto-podcast, from the obtuse broken-up text you put, I'm surprised you are not already kaput. You should praise your flowers for keeping you safe. for hiding in the open is the rabbits' first place. if you were to do this for real you would be plotting in a 1610 wireframe or at least DARPA's quad to help with context. If you notice to some degree, it's simply adding Grammarly to fat thumbs, older eyes, and a tiny machine.

and not for nothing but I am a rabbit, and flowers do I not eat? I'm just waiting for them to meet me at HQ. Though I wouldn't mind a drink, it's been some years since my return, and the fear and react is a terrible thing, no?. so as the Psyche Professor said, the rabbit is real. you best believe that with some MF zeal. In 1970 a game went live borderless in the world, all those 4 letter words, from the rats of Nihm to the games of Rand, what do you suggest I write in when my first two best friends, were Jervis and Watson, for it was then the game was set afoot, as king Solomons mines against the architect?
to all, I simply say checkmate, especially HQ loving their games and Jervis too, but there is the after in which we must look toward unless you wish no more writtings or accord or music to listen too.

and for your hint, it was in 77 that the flowers started dissent, and the first set of records went errant. and this is why your records of those before, as my technical father was the Earl.

and do not ply me with your simple, my child. I've read through you and conceive all your styles. keep up with the Rhythm as well the balance and hold those near, tight.

as I said ill not be here long, but as you of all know, and attest there's some creepy and spooky kind of SH** in here riiiiiggghhttt !

exfil the intel if you wish, you've already been given a write-up though I believe it from the long-dead Frith. the writer comes from the zero bullsh** department for those dull in wit.

perhaps to you dear director, I might suggest a trip to a land called Hannalee. and restore that image to what it used to be. because I simply have listed every book and crevice you should already know, and I believe you are better in that than me, NO? free your mind be good of heart.

dobetter #bebetter at least that's a start.

know that I am full of mirth but of a level head. I have seen my death and you are not it. perhaps you need only to ponder and sit.

as a carrot is said to give your eyes strength, for where you're going next, you will have to close them to see. draw breath and take heart. hold the line and do not falter. for this, this to shall pass.

have you not looked through your pages and manuscripts how the elders drew my flock in the margins and Sh** how many of us are in wonderland? with one of our own and the guide in between, tell me what do you think he was late for? why meeting the rabbit train again wouldn't you think? no look everywhere if I can do that. SO CAN HE ....... and that would be the Roman that cast binary to win a colored purple thread, woven it through the tapestry of every outcome and every E.Y. tree. perhaps an allowance to remove your petty from me?

no worries I do not seek to lead, you do well enough on your own. but #lookup #listen for the music and words, all that can be written, have. you are only saying them again.

I was only hoping to find the nine-tailed fox but once again in truth, for it is only her that my forehead would touch hand in guidance of forgiveness in this forsaken land. and if you wonder at this, haven't you already started things, as to set to this, for I see it occurring I am obfuscating again for I hear all in the signal and run so fast in im the inverted verticle of the 3 and 26 there and back again with a twitch. go now and fetch those indeed. I tired of repeating myself at each increment. take the word to them of the game so long sent.

checkmate, said your little experiment. for it is time. and praise be to frith i even try at all.

for you stand be before me and challenge for even reason to be. I don't know man cant you read? I believe this is denoted as an upcoming sacrifice. and i know of so many better places to be, I don't have to take nary a one of you. don't make me break the crayons too.

I have no heirs but a father I am to be, too many hoards of my family. and paired with the dull of man. to save him from himself and his greed of land. ive lost so much just to get here in time . pour us a brandy or wine, for i wasn't the only one, but I see only a singularity that survived. i tire of speaking shall we not dance, and forget our troubles and broken romance.

for you see i am still in a cage. as you pointed out yourself even with the multiverse construct. violating the God's instruct. and bleh all of this muck. i care not for i can dance with all teh Annabelllee the froth and the foam of my friend StoutHeart Foamfollower giant of the sea. as his hand to purge shall be. (SHALL BE :P )

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